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Job Opportunities


Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon is offering a one to two year post-doctoral research fellowship with the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center: Health and Wellness for People with Long-term Disabilities (RRTC).  The RRTC is funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) to conduct research and training to support the health and wellness of persons with long-term disabilities.  Currently, Center projects are focused on three outcomes: 1) identifying strategies to overcome barriers that impede access to routine healthcare for individuals with disabilities; 2) identifying interventions in areas such as exercise, nutrition, pain management, or complementary and alternative therapies that promote health and wellness and minimize the occurrence of secondary conditions for persons with disabilities and; 3) developing improved status measurement tool(s) to assess health and well-being of individuals with disabilities regardless of functional ability.  To learn more about the RRTC visit our website at

The focus of the fellowship will be on mentored research, grant writing, training and dissemination activities. Up to 15% time/effort can be devoted to independent research projects. The Center provides research opportunities, mentoring and guidance in preparation for academic career advancement. Strong research background, peer-reviewed publication and doctoral degree required, and training and dissemination experience preferred. Relevant disciplines include but are not limited to Public Health, Health Promotion, Psychology, Nursing, Social Welfare, Education, and Sociology. Persons who experience a disability and who are committed to developing expertise in health and wellness issues are especially encouraged to apply. Interested applicants should send CV with list of three references and a brief statement of professional goals to: Susan Wingenfeld, RRTC-OIDD, P.O. Box 574, Portland, OR, 97207-0574, phone: 503-494-3534, 800-452-3563, fax: 503-494-6868, e-mail: Start date is negotiable.

Time distribution:

50% Research Activities, 20% Training/Dissemination Activities, 15% Professional Development Activities, 15% Grant Writing Activities

Research Responsibilities:

  • Participate in planning, coordinating, executing and analyzing research and research related activities.
  • Participate in planning, coordinating, and executing training and dissemination activities.
  • Professional development activities as identified with mentor
  • Participate in planning and coordinating grant writing activities
  • Developing professional activities as identified with mentor 

6)  Writing professional manuscripts and other products

Administration Responsibilities:

  • Supervise a Graduate Research Assistant/student.

 Training/Dissemination Responsibilities:

  • Translate research findings into easily readable materials for multiple audiences
  • Assist in coordination of Center dissemination plan (i.e. identified channels for dissemination of materials, coordinate with Center partners)
  • Participate in the Public health and disability class

Professional Development/ Grant Writing Responsibilities:

  • Participate in the professional organization/association.

2)  Present research processes and findings

3)  Improve writing skills through mentorship and/or workshops.

4)  Support Center grant writing activities   

5)   Develop original grant proposals.

6)  Other activities as identified with mentor

Requirements:  Doctoral degree in Public Health, Health Promotion, Psychology, Medicine, Nursing, Social Welfare, Education, Sociology or related field.  Strong research and writing background.

Desired Skills: Scientific writing, familiarity with advanced statistics of SPSS, SAS, and/or SUDDAN, knowledge and/or experience in measurement development and psychometrics, health promotion interventions, or health care access, experience with community engagement initiatives, experience with health service utilization data and/or secondary data analysis

Expected outcomes: At least two peer-reviewed publications and one grant proposal per year

Individuals with disabilities and individuals from diverse ethnic/cultural backgrounds are especially encouraged to apply.




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