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Disability and Public Health Course

During years 2005 & 2006, the core RRTC: Health & Wellness staff at will extend its current 2-credit course on Disability and Public Health to 3 credits and add material on Health Disparities and Health Promotion and Disabilities. If demand at OHSU is sufficient, we will develop this into a second course. Staff will plan and offer the course at OHSU and potentially other universities. Course content will draw heavily on RRTC: Health & Wellness research findings and its expert panel partners, and is anticipated to include: epidemiology of disabilities, secondary conditions and their prevention, and effective health promotion strategies. The project will use traditional methods of didactic instruction, practicum experiences, and direct supervision to prepare professionals to understand and support the health and wellness efforts of people with disabilities.

Outcomes: 1) Increased knowledge and awareness of barriers and access strategies to routine health care, evidence-based health promotion programs, and standard health status measurement tools; 2) Increased capacity to infuse disability and health awareness into broader disciplines.

Target Audience: Graduate students from a wide variety of disciplines (e.g., public health, psychology, special education and rehabilitation counseling, medicine, nursing, social work, occupational and physical therapy).

Outputs: Anticipate 70 students, 3 credit Disability & Public Health course curriculum, syllabus, and teaching materials

Venue: OHSU and other institutions.


Develop the course: Center staff will design the syllabus and teaching materials, determine the instructors for each content section, and make materials and readings available in a variety of formats. The course will be listed in the University course listings (Yr 1, 2). Center staff will advertise the availability of the course in the university registration materials. We will accept up to 10 students in a seminar course, up to 30 in a classroom lecture course (Yr 1-5).

Implement the course: Course activities will include a combination of in-class time (lecture/seminar), and community experiences (supervised practica). At the end of the course, we will obtain and compile student evaluations. These data will be used to revise content and procedures for the next offering (Yr 2, 3).

Evaluate, revise and disseminate course structure and content: Center staff will develop a course handbook, and revise as necessary. We will disseminate information about the course and the handbook to national education and rehabilitation graduate programs through presentations, letters and direct contacts (Yr 3, 4).



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