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T1 - State of the Science Conference

In the year 2007, RRTC staff and partners will plan and conduct a national Health and Wellness Science Conference. The conference will afford the opportunity for face-to-face dialogue to identify and share state-of-the-art knowledge about health and wellness for persons with disabilities, and will serve as a venue to outline a research agenda for the future. Planned and conducted in collaboration with one or more RRTC or grantee, we anticipate inviting 200 key participants. The two-day conference will feature presentations on the Center's research results and discussion of its findings.

Outcomes: 1) Increased knowledge and awareness of barriers and access strategies to routine health care, evidence-based health promotion programs, and standard health status measurement tools; 2) Increased capacity to conduct research.

Target Audience: Persons with disabilities, public health practitioners, disability researchers, service providers and healthcare professionals, federal agency representatives and other funders.

Outputs: 200 Science Conference participants, Science Conference Proceedings, and extensive website.

Venue: National conference held in the Washington D.C. area, web posting.


1. Plan for the conference: Center staff will recruit partners for co-sponsorship (Yr 1); select the science conference dates and confirm the location (Yr 2); draft a plan for conference theme, topics, schedules, speakers (Yr 3); select, invite and confirm the participation of distinguished guests (Yr 3); select, invite and confirm the commissioned papers and keynote presenters (Yr 3); develop and disseminate conference announcement (Yr 2, 3); process conference registrations and arrange for accommodations (Yr 3); assist guests with conference arrangements (Yr 3); prepare materials in alternative formats (Yr 3) and prepare evaluation formats.

2. Conduct the conference: Center staff will work with the host hotel staff in advance to ensure that accessibility and AV needs of all presenters and participants are anticipated and addressed. Center staff will chair sessions as well as present; and provide for all necessary facilitation and logistical support (Yr 3).

3. Evaluate the conference: Center staff will collect evaluations of the conference and materials at the time of the conference and at 6 months post-conference for participants, and ongoing with users of the online research briefs. These measures will assess the utility of the conference and the conference materials and measure outcomes in knowledge, awareness, and potential behavior or system change as a result of the conference (Yr 3, 4).

4. Prepare and disseminate the proceedings: Center staff will compile and summarize the findings and recommendations (Yr 3); send to presenters and selected respondents for comment and revision (Yr 3); compile papers, findings and recommendations into proceedings (Yr 4); develop a brief report on conference proceedings (Yr 4); and disseminate proceedings through a national publisher (Yr 4).

Click here to read about the 2003 Science Conference and order proceedings.



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