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Screen Magnifiers

Screen magnifiers are useful for people with low-vision. By magnifying the contents of the screen to a size determined by the user, this technology assists the low-vision user.

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Magnification, speech, Braille - or all three. The award-winning gives people with a visual impairment the freedom to access Windows in the way that suits them best.

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From 2x to 16x, enlarges and enhances everything on the screen, making all your applications easy to see and use. Also available with a screenreader. Windows only.

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helps people with low vision view information on their computer screen while hearing it through their speech synthesizer. The software magnifies screen information, from one to 16 times its normal size.

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Created for anybody who stares into a computer screen for several hours every day, the enables the user to zoom in and magnify any screen image. Once installed, the program is visible as a narrow toolbar on the desktop. Windows only.

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works with Windows and Windows applications, including word processing, spreadsheets, the Internet and email. It allows you to continue working with the computer in exactly the same way and is therefore highly practical for both office and home situations.

has compiled a resource of several freeware and shareware screen magnification programs. You can download them at no cost to you.

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supports 2 times through 10 times magnification, may be sized as needed or positioned anywhere on screen, and has several features such as Auto-Position that make it a powerful and useful utility. Very reasonably priced!

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