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Charles Drum, JD, PhD - Co-Director

Charles E. Drum, JD, Ph.D. is the Director of the (CCA) at of the and an Assistant Professor of Public Health and Preventive Medicine. The CCA portfolio includes projects and activities that promote health, well-being, and accessibility, including the -funded Community Accessibility Project and the , the NIDRR-funded , and the CDC-funded and Disability and Public Health Projects. Dr. Drum earned his M.S. (Public Policy) and J.D. (Law) from the , and Ph.D. from the at , where his thesis advisor was Irving Kenneth Zola. Dr. Drum is the author of more than 35 articles, reports, and monographs on disability law, policy, and public health, as well as curricula on disability, health, and wellness issues. He serves on the the Board of Directors of the , the External Scientific Advisory Panel for the RRTC on Health Promotion for Persons with SCI, DisAbility Forum (Policy Chair), and the Board of Directors of the .


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