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Health Policy articles

Medicaid 2003 Expenditures - Information Bulletin #68, 5/04

TSA Smoothes the Way for "Persons with Disabilities"

FACT SHEET: What You Need to Know About the ADA & Public Accommodations

US Top Court Won't Review Sidewalk Disability Case

National Organization on Disability/Harris Poll Finds Strong Public Support for ADA on its 13th Anniversary

NCD Chairperson Addresses National Press Club

U.S. Department of Education Releases Principles for Reauthorizing Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

OSU Study Finds Fitness Clubs Don't Comply with ADA Guidelines

President will Propose $1.75 Billion Program to Help Transition Americans with Disabilities from Institutions to Community Living

Understanding Medicaid Home and Community Services: A Primer

The Medicare Prescription Drug Law (the MMA/Medicare Part D) impacts medication access for both Medicare/SSDI and Medicaid/SSI recipients

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