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Image: Dissemination/Technical Assistance

Health Promotion & Disability Web-Center

Principal Investigators: Richard J Appleyard, PhD; Laura Hammond, MPH

The RRTC: Health & Wellness technical assistance strategy will employ both traditional methods, such as phone-based communication, as well as interactive mediums such as teleconferences, webcasts, instant messaging, and moderated chat rooms. The modes and methods of technical assistance used by the RRTC: Health & Wellness will be driven by surveys of consumer groups, and will leverage the significant expertise within the . Existing programs within OIDD, such as the and the project are experienced with providing technical assistance through innovative online methods. The Northwest ADA & IT Center, as an example, creates permanent custom pages for consumers, that address the information needs of the individual, and provide the opportunity for on-going communication with Center staff. The RRTC: Health & Wellness will utilize this example and other effective online tools and practices used by these programs to provide targeted technical assistance in formats accessible to consumers. By giving consumers the choice of receiving technical assistance via e-mail, the website, and through online interactive events, the RRTC: Health & Wellness will provide service to groups who are not well served by phone-based communication. All online dissemination materials will contain information about how to obtain additional technical assistance in both traditional and online formats, and will be presented in formats that are accessible to people with disabilities according to both of the Rehabilitation Act and the 's .



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