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RRTC Training

Part of the mission of the center is to provide training for various audiences that lends to behavior, program and policy change. Our training and information distribution activities are intended for a number of audiences - persons with disabilities interested in improving their own health; health care providers who provide services to people with disabilities; policy makers who want to be informed about pressing issues and the latest research findings in promoting opportunities for health and wellness for persons with and without disabilities; and researchers who are working in this area. Our training activities occur in a face-to-face format, teleconferences or are conducted on-line. Our information dissemination activities use a hard copy format, on-line courses, or in person presentations.

Short descriptions of each completed project are below.

Health and Wellness Science Conference: Approximately 115 researchers, policy makers, trainers, people living with disabilities and their advocates convened on March 17th, 2003 to hear panels of experts in the fields of research, training and policy as it relates to disability. Following each panel was a question and answer session. On March 18th, participants broke out into two research groups, two policy groups and one training group. Each group was charged with discussing three pertinent issues from the previous day's panels.

Disability Studies Health and Wellness Course: The development of a module on health promotion and disability to be included in a disability and public health curriculum for graduate students.

UAP/MACH Interdisciplinary: A project designed to increase the understanding and sensitivity of health care professionals to issues of holistic wellness for teens with a disability and their families and to increase the comfort level of health care professionals in approaching and talking with teens about a variety of topics that may be considered of a sensitive nature.

Tele-Empowerment Health & Wellness: A project to to provide consumers with information by which they may increase their understanding of and motivation to improve their quality of life.

Consumer Internet Education: A currently underway project to develop and deliver an on-line course in which trainers on staff of centers for independent living will be trained in setting up and conducting a health and wellness program for their consumers.

Independent Living Center Wellness Training: A collaboration with the National Council on Independent Living (NCIL) to offer workshops in conjunction with the NCIL annual conference. The workshops have allowed the RRTC to reach a broad constituency within the disability community and have also served the purpose of informing Centers for Independent Living about the research and training work being conducted by the RRTC on strategies to support wellness.

Graduate Leadership: A project to develop leaders in the field of disability and health promotion, and build leadership potential and expertise among graduate and post-graduate level health care professionals and pre-professionals who will devote their careers to serving the needs of persons living with disabilities and special health needs and their families.

National Policy Forums: A series of forums to identify and consider policy issues relevant to the health and wellness of people with disabilities, provide a forum for dialogue and collaboration among policy makers, researchers, policy implementers, advocates, and health care organizations on selected issues, and ensure that the RRTC’s work is relevant and useful to these groups.

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