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RRTC Staff

Learn about the RRTC: Health & Wellness' new staff.

~ Gloria Krahn, PhD, MPH - Director
~ Charles Drum, JD, PhD - Co-Director
~ David Buckley, MD - Health Care Research Scientist
~ Willi Horner-Johnson, PhD - Research Scientist
~ Richard J. Appleyard, PhD - Director of Disability Informatics
~ Charles Davis, MSW - Director of Northwest ADA & IT Center
~ Elizabeth Adams, PhD, RD - Nutritional Epidemiologist
~ Andrew Epstein, BA - Graduate Research Assistant
~ Emily Walsh, BA - Graduate Research Assistant
~ Laura Hammond, MPH, CHES - Center Coordinator
~ Susan Wingenfeld, BA - Administrative Assistant
~ Craig Laws, MPH - Post-MPH Fellow


~ Margaret Nosek, PhD

~ David Labby, MD

~ Vincent A. Campbell, PhD

~ Laurel Richards, BA


~ Brad Cardinal, PhD
~ Jeffery McCubbin, PhD


~ Elena Andresen, PhD


~ Glenn Fujiura, PhD
~ Tamar Heller, PhD
~ James H. Rimmer, PhD


~ Glen W. White, PhD


~ Tom Seekins, PhD


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