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Panels and Strands

The RRTC: Health & Wellness is dedicated to addressing three strands:

  1. Identify strategies to overcome barriers that impede access to routine healthcare for individuals with disabilities.

  2. Identify interventions in areas such as exercise, nutrition, pain management, or complementary and alternative therapies that promote health and wellness and minimize the occurrence of secondary conditions for persons with disabilities.

  3. Develop health status measurement tool(s) to assess the health and well-being of individuals with disabilities regardless of functional ability.

Through research, training projects, technical assistance and dissemination, the RRTC will systematically address these priorities. The RRTC has developed expert panels to address the issues listed above. All expert panel members will participate in monthly panel meetings conducted through conference calls in years 1 through 3, participate in developing principles and guidelines for assessing interventions, and participate in assessing current interventions according to these criteria.

Health Promotion Expert Panel Members include:

Health Status Measurement Expert Panel Members include:


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