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National Advisory Panel

The National Advisory Panel (NAP) consists of health promotion, consumer, and research experts that will review our research, training, and dissemination plans and activities. The NAP will scrutinize research designs, methodological rigor, and analytical strategies, as well as reviewing training processes and information exchange including the degree to which the Center involves critical stakeholder groups. The NAP will provide an important opportunity for the Center to receive regular critical evaluation of all our activities. The NAP will meet every six months via conference call. We anticipate more frequent contacts with individual members for specific issues.

Individuals who have already agreed to serve on our NAP include:

  • Thilo Kroll, Ph.D. Dr. Kroll is the Co-Investigator and Director of Training for the newly-funded RRTC on Health Promotion for Persons with Spinal Cord Injury. Dr. Kroll is a Senior Research Associate with the National Rehabilitation Hospital's Center on Disability and Health Policy.

  • Grant Higginson, MD, MPH. Dr. Higginson is the State Public Health Officer for the Oregon Department of Human Services, Health Services. As such, he is the highest ranking public health officer in the state and oversees all aspects of Oregon's public health activities.

  • Michael Ward, Ph.D. Dr. Ward is the former co-director of the Center on Self-Determination at OHSU and most recently was the Executive Director of the Arizona Council on Developmental Disabilities. Dr. Ward currently serves as a disability consultant based in Washington, DC.


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